Is It Safe To Put Stickers On A Guitar?

Putting stickers on a guitar can be a matter of personal preference, but there are some considerations to keep in mind:

  1. Finish Damage:
    Stickers can potentially damage the finish of the guitar, especially if they are removed. Some finishes may be more prone to damage than others. If you have a vintage or high-end guitar with a nitrocellulose finish, it may be more susceptible to damage.
  2. Resale Value:
    If you plan to sell or trade your guitar in the future, consider that modifications like stickers may affect its resale value. Some buyers prefer guitars in original condition.
  3. Sound Impact:
    While small stickers are unlikely to have a noticeable impact on the guitar’s sound, if you cover a significant portion of the body, it could theoretically affect the resonance. However, this effect is likely to be minimal.
  4. Removability:
    Choosing stickers that are designed to be easily removable can mitigate potential damage. However, even with removable stickers, it’s a good idea to test them in an inconspicuous area first.
  5. Personalization:
    Stickers can be a fun way to personalize your guitar and make it visually unique. Many musicians use stickers without experiencing any negative impact on their instruments.

If you decide to put stickers on your guitar:

  • Placement: Consider placing stickers in areas that are less likely to cause damage, such as the pickguard or the back of the guitar.
  • Clean Surface: Ensure that the guitar’s surface is clean before applying stickers. Dirt or residue can affect adhesion.
  • Removal: If you ever decide to remove the stickers, do it carefully. Using a gentle adhesive remover may help, but test it in a small, inconspicuous area first.

Ultimately, whether it’s safe to put stickers on your guitar depends on your preferences and how you want to use and care for your instrument. If you’re concerned about potential damage, you might explore other ways to personalize your guitar, such as using decals or non-permanent markers.