6 Best Brake Calipers for Jeep Wrangler | Reviews & Buying Guide

Jeeps are meant to survive and get you through some tough terrain. These heavy-duty vehicles were meant to last through rough patches, but even the best vehicle is nothing without a good braking system.

Regular calipers that overheat or make unnecessary noise just aren’t suited for this type of journey. That is why you’ll need heavy-duty brake calipers that promise reliability.

Even on highways and paved roads, brakes are something that you absolutely cannot ignore! So, you need to use the best brake calipers for jeep wranglers when driving a jeep.

Any experienced driver, myself included, will certainly be glad with any of the recommendations below for several reasons. So, to know how they are suitable for you, just keep reading.

6 Best Brake Calipers for Jeep Wrangler

Anyone even slightly familiar with the market knows how many options there are when you’re looking for reliable jeep wrangler brake calipers, so I’ve saved you from the trouble.

1. ACDelco 18FR983 Professional Front Passenger Side Disc Brake Caliper

ACDelco 18FR983 Professional Front Passenger Side Disc Brake Caliper

ACDelco always does a fine job with brake calipers for heavy-duty vehicles, and they’re no different in the Jeep market.

These brake calipers are forged from heavy-duty cast iron and aluminum materials to ensure a healthy mix of durability and longevity. Problems like heat, corrosion, or leakage are a thing of the past, thanks to the Ethylene Propylene rubber components that they come with.

The main functions of brakes are, in essence, to stop your vehicle. So, there’s no point in calipers that have all the bells and whistles but don’t effectively brake the jeep wrangler. I’m glad to report that they’ve performed this essential function effectively while I tested these.

When you’re discussing the lifespan of calipers, it’s easy to look down on remanufactured parts. However, these calipers are from the same company that sells to reputable brands like General Motors. An additional coating of zinc helps prevent rusting and corrosion on your parts.

The functionality that this product contains for the price isn’t something you find every day. These calipers bring a whole new meaning to the word ‘budget’ with the price that they’re offering. It’s a steal!


  • Very budget-friendly
  • High-quality components
  • Efficient braking
  • Zinc coating
  • Good build materials


  • Remanufactured
  • Not easy to install

2. Power Stop S4339 Performance Powder Coated Brake Caliper Set For Jeep

Power Stop S4339 Performance Powder Coated Brake Caliper Set For Jeep

If you’re an enthusiast who wants the best that your money can get, then Power Stop has the right product for you.

These calipers won’t just turn heads with their eye-popping visuals, but they’re just as sturdy. The rest of the pins and hardware are made with steel, while the calipers have high-quality EPDM rubber that’ll last through high temperatures.

Among most of the offerings on this list, I’ve found that these do exceptionally well when it comes to braking. Most of the reviews I’ve discovered about these jeep brake calipers mention this fact, and this also falls in line with my review.

Longevity won’t be an issue with these calipers, thanks to the electrostatic powder coating that they come with. This coating provides a layer of security against corrosion, rusting, friction damage, and the bright red coloring means that it looks good while it does so.

The drawback to all these features is the fact that they cost a pretty penny. While the pricing of these calipers may seem excessive, you’ve got to understand that they’re targeting enthusiast-grade consumers with this.


  • Attractive red coating
  • Excellent braking
  • Coating extends product life
  • Easy to install
  • High-quality components


  • Expensive
  • Remanufactured parts

3. Raybestos FRC11879N Opti-Cal New Brake Caliper, 1 Pack

Raybestos FRC11879N Opti-Cal New Brake Caliper

Raybestos’ new line of Opti-Cal is a great choice for someone looking for a quality product that isn’t extremely expensive.

This line of calipers is excellent in terms of build quality. The cast iron materials that these incorporate make them sturdy and durable. Including EPDM70 rubber components instead of lower quality materials is also a nice touch.

Most people using these calipers don’t have many of the regular complaints that come with calipers, like issues with noises or braking. The braking aspect of these calipers don’t really have many bad reviews when coupled with a good set of brake pads.

Corrosion and rusting on the brackets and housings are frequent complaints regarding calipers in these price margins. These calipers, thankfully, won’t come with those headaches, thanks to a generous coating of Zinc that’ll protect the iron parts.

For a single caliper, you might be thinking that these cost a lot, but you’ve got to take into consideration several factors. These include the fact that these calipers are newly manufactured as opposed to remanufactured, and they include quality materials.


  • Newly manufactured
  • Cast iron materials
  • Zinc plating
  • EPDM70 components
  • Solid braking


  • Reports of missing parts
  • On the expensive side

4. A-Premium Front Wheel Disc Brake Calipers Assembly

A-Premium Front Wheel Disc Brake Calipers Assembly

A-Premium’s pair of both passenger and driver side calipers won’t turn many heads, but they’ll do the job that you bought them to do just fine.

When you’re thinking of build quality, these calipers make sure that you won’t have to think twice. All of their parts and components come pressure tested to guarantee that they meet OEM standards.

Any jeep wrangler brake caliper worth its salt will go through strict levels of quality control and testing. It ensures that the part does what it is supposed to do and holds up. These calipers also don’t deviate from this. They promise super smooth braking and performance for as long as you use them.

These calipers come with mostly steel components and a metal piston. A combination of reliable parts and the zinc coating on the brackets and the housing means that they’re going to last a long while.

For a set of front-wheel calipers that include both the driver and passenger side calipers, these come at a reasonable price. Given that you’re paying for budget parts, they don’t come with many features, but they’ll do their job decently enough. Overall, it is a reasonable price for a decent product.


  • Cheap
  • Zinc coating
  • Decent build
  • Both front calipers included
  • Metal piston


  • Some units reported having lower quality
  • Not many features

5. A-Premium Disc Brake Caliper Assembly with Bracket Replacement

A-Premium Disc Brake Caliper Assembly with Bracket Replacement

Another premium offering from the aptly named A-Premium, this jeep wrangler brake caliper comes with a different configuration for someone looking for something different.

Offering the same levels of reliability and stability as the previous model from A-Premium, these calipers also use cast iron. The solid iron bracket and housings combined with well-made bleed valves and seals are a clear sign of solid construction.

A bad set of rear brake calipers might give rise to many different issues, like an odd jerking motion when you break. That’s why it’s very important to make sure that you look at decent quality brakes when you’re looking to purchase them.

These rear calipers won’t surprise you by locking up or breaking down any time soon, thanks to their excellent build quality. The phenolic material that the piston uses makes sure that just the right amount of friction hits your brake pads.

While these are on the cheaper side, that doesn’t mean they’re anything but decent. Paying what you’re paying for both rear calipers isn’t a bad deal. If you’re looking for something to get by on, these calipers are a safe choice.


  • Phenolic material piston
  • Budget-friendly
  • Well-made components
  • Good braking
  • Stable build


  • There are better options
  • Customers report quality control issues

6. Omix-ADA 16757.07 Rear Right Brake Caliper

Omix-ADA 16757.07 Rear Right Brake Caliper

Omix-ADA’s product for jeep wrangler brake calipers offers an almost irresistible price to performance ratio for the average jeep owner.

The build quality of these calipers is pretty solid, thanks to the high-quality materials used. A duo of cast iron housings and brackets with aluminum components and rubber seals means that you can keep durability at the back of your mind.

When it comes to braking, these calipers don’t lag far behind the competition. If you set them with some good quality brake pads, you’ll find your vehicle braking as smoothly as you’d want it to.

Many factors come into play when we’re discussing the longevity of brake calipers. These parts are on the frontlines when it comes to absorbing most of the heat from the brakes. As such, you’ll want calipers that can take the heat. With its zinc coating, this item won’t let you down.

For just the rear right brake caliper, you might feel like you’re paying more than you should. However, you need to consider the build quality and what you’re getting for your money which isn’t too bad of a deal. It certainly could be better, though.


  • Aluminum components
  • Cast iron build
  • Good braking experience
  • Long-lasting
  • Heat absorbent


  • Slightly expensive
  • Careful installation needed

What to Look for Before Buying?

Now that you’re well-acquainted with several options in your search for the perfect caliper, listed below are a few more factors you should consider in your search.

Brake Pads

One of the more important aspects of the whole braking system is how your brake calipers interact with the brake pads. An ideal set of calipers will shield your brakes from an unwanted build-up of grime, dust, dirt, and anything else the trail will throw at your machine.

Another important function that the calipers serve is alleviating the heat that your brake pads will inevitably generate. Ideal calipers will circumvent the heat from your braking system while still maintaining their structural integrity in the process.

Heat distribution is something that most jeep owners fail to consider when they’re looking into calipers.


Like any part of a jeep, Brake calipers have various options outside of the OEM parts that they come with. The important part is knowing what you need and how much you should spend to get what you need. There is no point in overspending on calipers with way more features than your vehicle needs.

The price-to-efficiency ratio is something that should be at the forefront of your mind. If all you’re doing is going off-roading only on occasion, then do you really need calipers that cost over a hundred bucks? Buy for your needs, not your wants.


One of the bigger determiners of quality is what materials went into the making of your calipers. Calipers that use iron or semi-metallic parts will give you better performance in most regards, but they can get noisy at times. So, you don’t need them if you’re not off-roading on rough terrain.

Conversely, ceramic calipers are much, much better at keeping the noise down. The price you pay for this noise suppression is the slightly lower performance. All things considered, though, they’re still pretty good for what they offer.


The single biggest complaint when it comes to brake calipers for jeeps and most calipers, in general, are compatibility issues. More often than not, customers find themselves purchasing parts that are incompatible with their vehicle and end up frustrated.

One quick and easy solution is always checking the compatibility guides and manuals that the products come with. A prudent and savvy consumer might even go to his local shop for advice before making purchases online for a cheaper rate.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the most common problems with brake calipers?

One of the most common issues with brake calipers is the pistons breaking, the sliders seizing up, etc. Regular and intensive maintenance and cleaning will prevent most of these.

2. How much does a brake caliper cost?

The price depends on what kind of brake you need. Brakes usually start from less than fifty dollars for the cheaper options and can easily cross a hundred bucks for the more expensive models.

3. Can a stuck caliper fix itself?

While the answer is no for ninety percent of cases, there are rare occasions where a caliper will seize up and free itself during use by dislodging dirt/grime.

4. What are signs of bad rotors?

The major signs of a bad rotor are uneven vibrations and squealing noises. Worst-case scenarios will be when the rotor has visible cracks.

5. Can you unstick a brake caliper?

Again, this depends entirely on what happened. If it’s a simple matter of the brake pads sticking to the disc, a bit of lube and basic maintenance will do the trick.

Final Words

You might feel overwhelmed by all of this information, but that’s just how it is when you’re trying to make an informed purchase. Hopefully, this review will help you find the best jeep wrangler brake calipers for your jeep.

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