10 Best All Terrain Tires for Jeep Grand Cherokee in 2021

You might already know by now that the Jeep Grand Cherokee is quite a competent vehicle. The power that it packs is truly praiseworthy. That is why most truck owners are aiming to get this model.

And if you already own one of these, we would like to assure you that you have made the right decision.

On that note, it can tread on most of the terrains for the power it packs. However, there is a catch. You would need to install the best all terrain tires for Jeep Grand Cherokee for that. Those would be capable of utilizing the power properly and offer a smooth riding experience on all terrains.



Editor's Rating


Falken Wildpeak 109T AT3W

5 out of  5

Falken Wildpeak 114T AT3W

4.5 out of  5

Nexen Roadian AT Pro RA8

4.5 out of  5

BFGoodrich T/A KO2

4.5 out of  5

Goodyear Wrangler SR-A

4 out of  5

10 Best All Terrain Tires for Jeep Grand Cherokee

Like any other automobile parts, there are plenty of all-terrain parts in the market. And making the right choice among all of them can become pretty hard. Well, that is why we have tested all of the top-rated ones on our Grand Cherokee 2010. And these are the ones that we found to be the most worthy of the money:

1. Falken Wildpeak 109T AT3W

 Falken Wildpeak 109T AT3W

One of the things that most of the brands are going to skimp at is the internal cooling mechanism. However, Falken is not one of them, which is why we have picked this offering from them for our best all terrain tires for Jeep Grand Cherokee reviews.

As we have mentioned, it boasts a heat diffusing technology. That technology will work like a wonder when it comes to protecting the internal components from overheating. Also, the sidewall of the unit is reasonably tough.

In addition to that, this is one of the Jeep Grand Cherokee offroad tires that has a reasonably high wear life. It integrates silica tread compound to offer that. And thanks to the superior wear life, it can offer stellar performance on wet roads too.

The tread blocks on it are exceptionally durable as well. And this one can offer a good overall driving experience on the off-roads. It even has a comparatively higher level of torque support.


  • Can diffuse the heat properly
  • Sidewalls are relatively sturdy
  • Packs durable tread blocks
  • Sports a high level of torque support
  • Has reasonably high wear life


  • Some packages might ship with mismatched sizes
  • A bit noisy

2. Falken Wildpeak 114T AT3W

Falken Wildpeak 114T AT3W

Another offering from Falken that is worthy of being checked out if you are on the lookout for the best off road tires for jeep grand Cherokee is this one. The level of performance it can offer in off-roads is quite amazing.

The thing that makes it capable of providing a stellar performance on the off-roads is the aggressive design of the upper sidewall. This design will provide a reasonably high level of traction on the off-roads. Also, the shoulder blocks can protect the tire from sharp gravel and rocks.

In addition to the sidewall design, the tread blocks on this one are pretty sturdy as well. They have step-down and support ramps to offer a higher level of rigidity on the tread pattern.

It even packs the 3D Canyon sipe technology. This technology will make the shoulders interlock and resist wearing. It will also enhance the handling performance of the Jeep.


  • Sports an aggressive upper sidewall
  • Provides a high level of traction on off-roads
  • Utilizes proper shoulder blocks
  • Tread blocks are reasonably durable
  • Integrates 3D Canyon sipe technology


  • Some of the units are not good at balancing
  • Noise level is reasonably high on highways

3. Nexen Roadian AT Pro RA8

Nexen Roadian AT Pro RA8

When it comes to offering durable jeep grand cherokee offroad tires, the brand Nexen is a go-to pick for many. Now, you might be wondering what they can actually offer. Well, you will get to know about that properly through this review.

Firstly, the unit has a long-lasting tread life. And it achieves that trait for the durable tread compound. It should be capable of withstanding most of the harsh and rough road conditions.

Apart from the tread life, this one excels in the case of off-road performance as well. It can offer a good amount of handling on those roads. And thanks to the dual block design on the tread, gravels should not get stuck on the tire on those roads.

It even integrates wide shoulder blocks, which will enhance the handling performance even further. There are staggered center edges in the middle. Those will bite on to the off-roads to offer a higher level of traction. Also, it has micro-grooves. Those will enhance the overall traction performance even further.


  • Tread life is long-lasting
  • Offers good off-road performance
  • Features dual-block design
  • Integrates wide shoulder blocks
  • Has staggered center edges


  • Makes a lot of sounds
  • Stability level is a bit average

4. BFGoodrich T/A KO2

BFGoodrich T/A KO2

While browsing through the jeep grand cherokee offroad tires, you might want to pick something capable of offering a higher level of traction on mud and snow. In that case, you should have a look at what BFGoodrich is offering here.

It integrates the CoreGard technology to make the unit achieve a split and bruise-resistant sidewall. The rubber also has an increased level of thickness, which will enhance the overall durability significantly. Also, the design does a proper job in deflecting the protruding objects.

Alongside that, the unit has a serrated shoulder. This specific design ensures that the traction level is high in all of the terrains, including the mud and snow-covered roads. It will also provide good performance on the roads that require low tire pressure.

The 3D sipes it integrates enhances the traction even further. Also, it improves the handling of both the on and off-road conditions. The stability also sees a massive increase because of that 3D sipes. And the special tread blocks can bit onto the roads properly.


  • Packs CoreGard technology
  • Highly durable
  • Can deflect protruding objects
  • Features serrated shoulders
  • Integrates 3D sipes


  • Not that fuel-efficient
  • Can not resist gravels that properly

5. Goodyear Wrangler SR-A

Goodyear Wrangler SR-A

One of the setbacks of the all-terrain tires is the noise that they make on different terrains. Well, Goodyear knew that exactly well, and they have integrated proper design to mitigate that.

The first thing that makes this one of the worthy picks for the jeep grand cherokee all terrain tires is the tread pattern. It features redefined pattern to lower the overall noise on the roads. For that reason, it holds the ability to offer a quiet overall riding experience on the highways and concrete roads.

Aside from being quiet, the unit is reasonably durable as well. This one relies on a sturdy tread compound, making it highly capable of withstanding the harsh road conditions. Also, thanks to the unique tread pattern, it should be capable of offering an excellent cornering capability.

In addition to that, the wide circumferential grooves make sure that the wet traction is reasonably high. Also, the traction on the other terrains is going to be superb as well.


  • Packs a redefined tread pattern
  • Utilizes sturdy tread compound
  • Can offer good traction on wet roads
  • Provides good traction on harsh roads
  • Exceptionally quiet


  • Not capable of lowering hydroplaning
  • Grooves tend to attract too much gravel

6. Nitto Terra Grappler G2

Nitto Terra Grappler G2

Exceptionally high gripping capability is what makes one of these recommendation-worthy jeep grand cherokee all terrain tires. And this one from Nitto Terra has impressed us in that regard.

To start with, this one packs coupling joints. Those are capable of connecting the outer tread blocks with the center ones. As a result, there is a massive improvement in the case of edge rigidity.

Because of the increase of the edge rigidity, this one can grip on the terrains effectively. Also, thanks to the full depth sipes, the treads achieve a longer lifespan. They should be capable of resisting wear and offer good overall performance on all terrains.

Additionally, this one has staggered shoulder lugs. Those will add an additional biting edge. Also, the sidewall on this connects to the lugs properly to ensure efficient contact with the road. And the variable pitch blocks will work like magic in terms of reducing the noise on highways and normal roads.


  • Sports proper coupling joints
  • Reasonably rigid
  • Features full-depth sipes
  • Packs staggered shoulder lugs
  • Can resist wearing exceptionally well


  • Some of the units have different sidewall design
  • Makes a lot of noise on off-roads

7. Yokohama Geolandar A/T G015

Yokohama Geolandar A/T G015

Though there are many jeep grand cherokee all terrain tires, there are not that many that have a long-lasting tread life. Well, that is where this offering from Yokohama stands out.

Unlike some of the other brands, Yokohama has integrated Enduro compound for the tread. This specific compound enhances the overall lifespan of the tread and makes them long-lasting. It should be capable of resist wearing and withstanding the harsh round conditions reasonably well.

Apart from the longer tread life, the off-road durability of this one is going to be stellar as well. The handling performance it can offer on those roads is superb too. You should be able to adequately control your Jeep on harsh roads.

The enhanced tread design makes it highly capable of providing the right amount of treading on most of the road conditions. Also, the variable tread pitch will do a proper job in reducing the noise level on the regular roads.


  • Utilizes Enduro tread compound
  • Resistant to wearing
  • Has stellar off-road durability
  • Offers a higher level of handling on harsh roads
  • Quiet on the highways


  • Stability is not that praiseworthy
  • A bit noisy on the off-roads

8. Kumho Road Venture AT51

Kumho Road Venture AT51

Getting the gravels from the treads can be quite tedious work. However, this will not be a problem if you pick this one for your Jeep.

One thing that makes this one worthy of checking out is the class-leading performance on the muddy and rocky terrains. It offers a good amount of traction on those. Also, the performance on the snowy terrains is also relatively praiseworthy.

The edges of this tire are exceptionally grippy. For having such a grippy trait, it can offer redefined driving experience on the off-roads. It even features tapered tread blocks, which can clean themselves automatically. You will not find gravels stuck onto the treads. The stability in heavy weather is superior as well.

Additionally, the tread design of this one is proper. It can offer a quiet and comfortable ride on the highways. Also, the symmetric tread design will do proper reducing the vibration on regular roads. The design also makes this one highly efficient in terms of fuel consumption.


  • Provides class-leading performance on snow and mud
  • Edges are reasonably grippy
  • Quiet on highways
  • Tread blocks can clean themselves
  • Highly stable in harsh weathers


  • Sidewalls are not durable
  • A bit average in terms of tread life

9. Firestone Destination A/T

Firestone Destination A/T

Although there are plenty of options that can offer good stability on highways, only a few can provide a good level of handling on those roads. And this offering from Firestone is among those few.

First of all, the brand has opted for a computer-optimized component system. This maximizes the overall performance by utilizing the proper tread design. Even the construction of this one is high in quality. For that reason, it holds the ability to offer optimized performance on off-roads.

In addition to that, the O-bead it integrates will increase the overall comfort and the ride quality. This one is also capable of reducing the noise on the highways. And it achieves that trait for the varying tread blocks. The LL carbon of the tire will do a proper job in resisting wear and cracking.

It has a spiral wrap to provide an efficient level of uniformity. The continuous nylon wrap of the unit will ensure proper performance at high speeds.


  • Provides a good level of handling
  • Utilizes computer-optimized component system
  • Can provide optimal off-road performance
  • Ensures a comfortable overall ride
  • Has an efficient uniformity level


  • Not that quiet on off-roads
  • Can not reduce aquaplaning properly

10. Radar Tires Renegade A/T5

Radar Tires Renegade A/T5

We will wrap up our best all terrain tires for jeep grand Cherokee reviews with this offering by Radar Tires. If you were looking for something that can prevent stones from being stuck on the treads, keep this one in your consideration.

Let us first talk about the overall stability of the unit. It features a construction of 3-ply material, which makes it achieve a considerably high level of stability. The material also makes this one highly resistant to punctures and wear. It should last for a good amount of time.

The tread design of the unit is optimized as well. There are wide center blocks. Those will ensure that the stability is further enhanced. Also, the handling performance will see a significant improvement. And it achieves a longer tread life because of that material.

Other than that, the stone-ejector technology will make sure that the stones are not lodging on the treads. And the lateral grooves will ensure that the traction level of optimal in all of the terrains.


  • Highly stable
  • Constructed of 3-ply material
  • Resistant to punctures
  • Tread design is optimized
  • Integrates stone-ejector technology


  • Not that fuel-efficient
  • Can not reduce noise on off-roads

What to Look for Before Buying?

We know that you are pretty excited to get one of the units we have reviewed and install on your Jeep. But, we would like to stop you before jumping into making a purchase decision because you need to consider a couple of things before purchasing one. And they are as follows:


The first thing that should be in your consideration is the size. For this, you need to check the size of the rims. Measure it and then check the overall diameter of the tire. And for the diameter of the should be stated on the label. The first number offers this information, and you should check that before making a purchase.

Now, if you are still confused about the size, allow us to give you an example. Take the Falken Wildpeak AT3W 235/75R15 109T as an example. Here, the tire width is stated on the first three numbers, which is 235. So, it is referring that the overall millimeter of the tire is 2365 millimeters.


As we are talking about all-terrain tires here, the traction is something you should prioritize alongside the size. Usually, the design of the tread is a clear indication of the traction. The units with a proper tread pattern hold the ability to offer a good level of traction on most of the terrains.

However, do make sure that the treads are deep. Without the treads being deep, the tire will not be capable of properly gripping the terrain. And without properly gripping the terrain, the traction level is not going to be that well, which will result in average overall performance on the harsh roads.

Tread Life

Apart from the traction level, consider the tread life of the tire. This will highly depend on the tread compound. The brands that will utilize a proper tread compound will be able to offer a higher tread lifespan. And if you want to get extended use out of the tire, you should pick the ones with long-lasting treads.

Edge Rigidity

Considering the tread life will not be enough. You must also consider the rigidity of the edge. For this, the coupling joints should be in your consideration. Make sure that those can connect the outermost tread with the center block properly. If they fail to do so, the edge rigidity is going to be average at best.


Another thing you should consider is the sipes. The treads on the tire are going to start wearing at some point. And even if the treads do wear out to an extent, the tire would offer optimal performance if the sipes are deep. The deep sipes do offer not only optimal performance in that scenario but also maintains the overall looks.

Shoulder Lugs

The shoulder lugs are one of the important factors of a tire. These will dictate the overall biting ability. And the ones that can properly bite onto the terrain are generally known for offering good traction on most of the terrains.

For this, you need to check the nature of the shoulder lugs. Our recommendation would be to pick the staggered ones. Those enhance the biting capability of the edges. Also, check whether the sidewall connects to the shoulder lugs properly or not. If they are not connected, the contact with the terrain will not be efficient.

Tread Blocks

Last but definitely not least, consider the tread block. We would recommend opting for the ones that feature variable pitch blocks. Those would be capable of lower the noise and offer a comfortable driving experience on highways.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What tires will fit my Jeep Grand Cherokee?

As we have mentioned above, for the right size, you need to check the rim size. Measure it and pick one wisely. For example, if the rim size is 17 inches, you should get units that are 245 mm wide. 

2. What is the biggest size tire you can put on a stock Jeep Grand Cherokee?

The biggest tire you can put on the Jeep Grand Cherokee is the 275 mm one. However, you need to check the size of the rim beforehand.

3. How long do tires last on Jeep Grand Cherokee?

It will highly depend on the tread compound and the tread design. Usually, the durable ones should last for about four years with regular use.

4. What tires come on a 2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

The Jeep Grand Cherokee 2020 Limited X is going to come with 265/50R20 tires. However, the other versions will utilize a different size.

5. Are all all-terrain tires noisy?

Generally, the off-road tires are a bit noisy. However, most of the brands are going to utilize variable tread pitch to lower that down a bit.

Final Words

Hopefully, after going through the entire article, choosing the best all terrain tires for jeep grand Cherokee is not as hard as it was before for you. However, do consider all of the important factors before making a purchase decision.

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