Best Aftermarket Radio for Jeep Wrangler

Driving down the highway or on vacation feels incomplete without a set of relaxing tunes, or high beat ones if you prefer it that way! Nevertheless, a good quality stereo system is a must-have in all cases.

Although you may start searching for a great jeep wrangler aftermarket radio system set, it can get complicated and tedious at certain times. But don’t worry!

Why fear when we are here? We have skimmed through the market for the best aftermarket radio for jeep wrangler and listed our favorite picks. Look through them to find your favorite one that is compatible with your vehicle. That’s it!



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Pioneer MVH1400NEX

5 out of  5

Alpine iLX-W650

4.5 out of  5

Sony XAV-AX5000

4.5 out of  5


4.5 out of  5


4 out of  5

9 Best Aftermarket Radio for Jeep Wrangler

Looking for a stereo system for your jeep wrangler stereo upgrade among the thousands of options that flood the market every day with similar and comparable features is indeed tiresome.

But don’t stress! We are here to save you from the hour-long researches but still get the best-sounding stereo system for you.

1. Pioneer MVH1400NEX

Pioneer MVH1400NEX

If you are an Apple savvy or happen to own an iPhone, it goes without saying that this stereo set will be ideal for you! Control tunes, check your messages, use navigators, and do so much more using this nifty appliance by Pioneer!

Get yourself a jeep wrangler radio upgrade at a fraction of the hassle that you’d have to face with other kinds. With this, you can connect two phones and enable calling options without distracting yourself while driving.

This also has a specified control app to connect to Spotify on your iPhone. Thus, you can stream your favorite audios from there easily. Not only does it have app control for Spotify, but it also has it for the other contents of your phone.

The display that this multimedia receiver comes with has options for you to choose multiple languages too. How cool is that! Moreover, to save you from extra hassle, this stereo system comes along with an extension wire for the USB port, harnessing for the cables, instructions, and a microphone.

When you connect any of your Apple or USB devices to stream tunes, the stereo system automatically takes it and adds transition before playing it.

This feature gives the sound a virtual effect making it sound as if you are live at a concert. Besides, you don’t require setting up the EQ options as it automatically modifies itself.


  • Comes with instruction manuals
  • Compatible with some Android phones
  • Touch-panel display features multiple languages
  • Colors on the display panel are customizable
  • Slick design panel


  • Does not support CDs

2. Alpine iLX-W650 

Alpine iLX-W650

Stereo systems and multimedia receivers can often be complicated to figure out and use. If you want to buy one that will not have you deal with many tiresome steps, here’s the perfect pick for you to make! Alpine makes their stereo systems easily manageable and useable.

Even if you are an amateur in choosing jeep auto parts, this won’t let you down! This multimedia receiver features a mount design that is shallower than traditional stereo systems. Thus, it is compatible with most jeep model dashboard designs.

Moreover, one of the defining factors of this item is that the brand builds it with highly sturdy and robust material.

You won’t have to worry about it falling apart or breaking when put through harsh impacts. In terms of specifications, this supports both CarPlay and Android Auto on its system. Besides, you can control most of the settings on the panel using voice control rather than having to distract yourself from the road.

With one of the top stereos from our jeep wrangler stereo upgrade list, you can access apps hassle-free. However, you can also use its touchscreen panel and swipe around to access your apps if you wish to. Best of all, installing this set is easy and straightforward.


  • Works with both sorts of operating system
  • Simple to use
  • Easy setup
  • Compatible with most jeep models
  • Features voice control


  • Interface between user and panel is uninteresting

3. Sony XAV-AX5000

Sony XAV-AX5000

Everyone wants the best auto parts for their vehicle, and we’re sure that you want to!

If you are looking for one of the best stereo systems compatible with Apple’s popular audio app CarPlay, then here’s what you’ve been looking for. Sony creates one of the most compatible and consistent stereo systems for Apple users.

Although the device is known for its compatibility with CarPlay, it does support Android systems too. However, upon tests, they do not perform as well as the CarPlay does. Besides this issue of the media receiver, every other feature functions perfectly throughout.

Moreover, the price you get in is a great bargain for the quality of audio and performance it offers. The interface is user-friendly and straightforward to use and operate.

Plus, like a few of the other stereos, you can also access apps using voice recognition. You can also access the system using its provision for dual ports for USB.

Furthermore, along with tune selection, you get to dial calls, send texts, stream audio podcasts, and much more. The manufacturer sets the brightness and contrast of the screen ideally, so it doesn’t distract you while driving. You can listen to your favorites tunes while maintaining your utmost safety!


  • Ideal for Apple users
  • Has dual ports for USB
  • Perfectly balanced screen settings
  • Can be quickly accessed
  • Modern design


  • Compatibility with Android Auto is poor

4. AWESAFE Car Radio


Many people prefer the traditional method of using CDs to bump their favorite tunes and audios; if you’re one of them, here’s one of the best aftermarket radio for jeep wranglers for you.

This radio system features options for both smartphone connections and a player for CDs. AWESAFE has made its car radio inclusive to all your preferences!

The stereo set operates on a windows CE program that offers multiple functions for you to do. Plus, the brand builds the components with high-quality material that makes its construction last long. Moreover, the touchscreen panel allows you to maneuver around with the features without any discomfort and hassle.

Besides, the system already comes with a GPS function and doesn’t require you to download it. Also, you can operate the system using voice assistance. Whether receiving or making calls or asking for navigations, you can do it all using the voice recognition feature.

Best of all the features, you can mirror your phone’s screen on the stereo display using its link for mirror screen function. This feature works on all types of smartphones, including both Apple and Android. You can use this nifty instrument to make your car rides much more exciting and appealing!


  • Can mirror your phone’s screen
  • Wireless access to audios
  • Allows you to make calls via Bluetooth
  • Compatible with most phone’s operating system
  • Features several ports


  • Audio quality isn’t remarkable



If your jeep model falls into the range up to 2018 from 2011, this stereo system is going to serve your need for a jeep wrangler radio upgrade accurately.

Plus, this one will also be an excellent option for anyone who likes larger display screens. With this multimedia receiver, switching up tunes and playing with the features will be a no-brainer!

Whether you want to jam out to your tunes on the stereo or want to watch videos on it, this system is capable of doing both of them effortlessly.

Moreover, you can play your favorite videos in high-resolution and quality on them. The system also consists of an option that you can use to control the features from the steering wheels.

It also comes with dual ports to plug in your USB and options to connect your smartphones via Bluetooth. Besides, the stereo set also features a GPS that comes along with an SD memory card. The set also comes along with instruction manuals for you to install without any inconvenience.

Furthermore, you can also input the camera on the rear and sides for a more effortless driving experience. The component includes a kit to customize the stereo to your dash, too. This media receiver is the complete deal for anyone in search of an all-in-one package!


  • Enhances your jeep interior
  • Modifiable to your Jeep’s dashboard
  • Larger screen than regular stereo systems
  • EQ settings feature 15 bands
  • Works on both Apple and Android devices


  • Pricier than traditional stereo sets

6. Pioneer 6.2.”

Pioneer 6.2

Long drives and car rides on the way to vacation is indeed incomplete without a set of good stereo system to play your favorite audios in. Don’t you agree? In several cases, it can get pricey to install one that serves both quality and use. But that’s undoubtedly not the case with this one!

You can too bump your favorite tunes and audios without emptying your wallet with this radio setup from Pioneer. This system features a dual-din stereo unit that you can install simply without having to reach for extra accessories.

The system composes of a touch-panel display that you can modify and change according to your preferences. It supports operating systems such as CarPlay and Android Auto, making it convenient for you to connect them to your vehicle via Bluetooth.

You can also make calls and play videos on your Jeep using this supreme jeep wrangler aftermarket stereo setup. Moreover, you can input or output video cameras to your vehicle.

One of the common ways people use this feature is to attach a camera at the rear end for easier backing up of your vehicle. Besides, with this stereo set, you can customize the EQ settings according to your preferences.

Not only does the device connect to smartphone interfaces but also to the satellite to enable radio as per usual.


  • Affordable in price
  • High-quality sound performance
  • You can customize the display
  • Automatic Bluetooth
  • Supports different smartphone systems


  • Challenging to use under daylight

7. Insane Audio JK2001

 Insane Audio JK2001

Jeeps are the most fun to drive on adventurous terrains, which are often muddy and wet. Many times humidity can surpass windows and seep into your car. To prevent your radio set from any damage from water or other liquids, it’s always safe to opt for a waterproof stereo system.

If you want to buy one and don’t know where to start from, here’s a great starter set to look into! The heavy-duty construction of the component is what makes it resistant to water. Moreover, the robust component also helps prevents and protects you from any sort of electrical shock.

Plus, along with the resilient build, the radio system also operates fast due to its processor made up of OctaCore. With it, you can access popular streaming apps like Spotify and Netflix. These are features that you may not find on regular radio systems.

Furthermore, if you happen to have 6.1 of Android, you can also download and run your apps. How nifty is that? The system also has analytics regarding the health and performance of your engine. Besides, this media receiver already comes with an amplifier to enhance any audios that you play.


  • Resilient construction
  • Proof of water and other liquids
  • Fast and smooth operation
  • You can run other apps
  • Features topography in 3D


  • Very expensive

8. Android 10.0 

Android 10.0

Just like stereos for Apple savvies, this stereo right here is for all the Android owners! You can too access your favorite apps and control them with ease with this jeep wrangler aftermarket stereo. Listening to your favorite tunes and watching your favorite videos are only a few clicks away with this.

Using the touch panel the radios system comes with is quick and straightforward. The display is informative and responsive to your voice and prompts flawlessly. With its Bluetooth feature, you can make calls without having to cut yourself from driving or distracting yourself.

Moreover, for your utmost convenience, you can control the different functions of the stereo from your steering wheels easily.

Although it is primarily an Android-friendly system, it also allows mirroring of an iPhone. With this feature, you can effortlessly watch the contents of your phone on a larger display.

The sound processor that this media receiver comes with produces much precise and high-quality audio. Besides, the sound effects of this jeep aftermarket radio come in 4 settings for you to choose from. Plus, you get to select the radio EQ settings from a range of 15 bands.


  • Quality of sound is precise
  • Simple operation
  • Allows phone mirroring
  • Operates on voice control
  • Supports steering wheel control


  • Too many functions can confuse some

9. Maxtrons


If you own a Dodge Chrysler jeep and wondering which jeep wrangler aftermarket radio system can match the strength of your vehicle, worry no more!

This stereo system from Maxtron is the ideal choice for you to make for your type of vehicle. With this, all you have to do is plug it, and you can begin playing your favorite tunes. It’s that easy!

You require no extra wire adjustment or additional parts to begin using this wonder. Plus, you can also control all its features from your steering wheels. However, if your vehicle already has an amplifier on the exterior, you may have to connect the trigger wire to the control cable.

The panel interface features multiple languages to make it easier for you to maneuver around and get utmost use out of it. Besides, the stereo set comes already with a navigation map. This reduces the hassle for you to download any maps later.

Furthermore, you can connect your smartphone to the system automatically. Its EQ settings let you make the sound quality much better and enhance it significantly. Even if you confuse yourself, you can check back at the manual to clear it out.


  • Installation is easy
  • Requires no additional parts or instruments
  • Comes with a navigation map
  • Multilingual display panel
  • High-quality component


  • Isn’t compatible with CarPlay

Things to Check Before Getting One

Even if you are familiar with the basic features and attributes of a good jeep aftermarket radio, it can get baffling when buying one. To your relief, we have made it easier and listed all the things you should consider.

Compatibility of the Radio

The first and foremost step in buying a radio appropriate to your car is to confirm that its specifications match your vehicle’s provision for a radio system. Without doing this, you run the risk of buying a radio that doesn’t fit your Jeep.

Since many brands make their machines different from the standard dimensions, the possibility of you purchasing a jeep wrangler aftermarket stereo unsuitable to your vehicle runs high. The standard type of radio system that fits most of the Jeep Wrangler model ranging from the 2000s is the double-din type.

Connectivity Options

A successful purchase will only be practical when you can connect your devices to the system. Most stereo systems, nowadays, offer input options via Bluetooth. It is a convenient way to connect your audio devices with your stereo system and maintain the utmost sound quality.

If you are an iPhone user or an Android user, make sure that your purchasing stereo is compatible with your phone’s operating system. Sometimes few media receivers are compatible with one or the other instead of all of the operating systems.

Thus, checking this feature before making the purchase is necessary. But if you prefer the traditional way of connecting through Aux cords, you can find several options contains that. Many stereo systems have provisions for both, too.

Usability of the Features

The latest Jeep Wrangler aftermarket radio features attributes that make your experience in your Jeep convenient. Some of the nifty features include a provision for a navigation option that can work as a GPS.

Moreover, with options like this, you don’t have to worry about investing in separate navigators along with your vehicle.

However, they are usually not as precise as the individual GPSs available. These systems also come with provision to connect them to external networks without any wires via Bluetooth or even WIFI. 

Thus, you can stream all sorts of audio such as podcasts and also manage phone calls within your vehicle. We’d advise choosing a stereo system that incorporates all these features, making your driving experience much convenient and free of hassle.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I make my Jeep Wrangler stereo sound better?

The first step in bettering your Jeep’s stereo sound is to install a loudspeaker with a low-pitch, also known as a subwoofer. Plus, you can add amplifiers and enclosures that will generate bass, making the sound quality much better than the regular speakers.

2. Can you add Apple CarPlay to Jeep Wrangler?

Most Wranglers have the provision for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to be added to their sound system. However, if you own any of the Wrangler Jeeps’ base models, you won’t have access to either of them.

3. What brand of speakers does Jeep use?

Flagship jeeps such as The Grand Cherokee from the range of Jeep uses speakers developed by Harman Kardon. The brand creates its sound system consisting of 19 speakers that provide high-quality audio performance.

4. How to make your Jeep Wrangler soundproof?

The few things you can do is to invest in some headliners and insulation in your window. Along with that, you can further add insulation to your vehicle’s flooring as well.

5.What size of speakers can fit the Jeep’s soundbar?

The average size of speakers that can fit your Jeep’s soundbar should measure 6 ½ inches. If you have the aftermarket ones, you will most likely need to use factory brackets to install them.

Final Words

Sway to the tunes of your favorite tracks with one of the best aftermarket radio for jeep wrangler from our picks. To make your drives more pleasant and relaxing, choose the ones that will make your experience free of hassle.

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